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b. 1994, UK

Lives and works in Bristol, UK

Artist Statement:

Nicola's practice stems from a fascination with the natural world; its horrors, oddities, beauty and mystery. In drawings and paintings, she creates imagined scenes inspired by, and musing on, natural forms and cycles. These scenes can be intimate, with a zoomed-in focus on unsettling textures and protective structures, reimagined and distorted in an alternative world that’s both earthly and alien. More recently, Nicola's paintings reveal wider landscapes that include traces of human life, such as buildings or textiles, as well as reoccurring motifs of fire and the suggestion of an impending event. In her work she's often thinking about cycles; endless and unstoppable movements of decay, rebirth and transformation, whether that’s on a microscopic-level, happening within our bodies, to huge geological and even universal events. Fuelled by an undercurrent of climate anxiety and questioning the future of human existence, Nicola's interested in Earth’s previous and future inhabitants, playing with ideas of utopia and dystopia, and embracing serendipity in the notion of inevitable change.



instagram: @nicola0rg



Summer Exhibtion, Aleph Contemporary, Stroud UK, selected group show

bloom, outhouse gallery, London, selected group show


Show of Hands Collective, Stroud UK, selected group show

Estival, Weven, Stroud UK, selected group show

RIW 211th Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London, selected group show



Chewing Figs Part Two, AMP Gallery, London, duo show

anywhere in between, The Tub Hackney, London, selected group show

Soul Retrieval, Beckenham Place Park, London, selected group show



Chewing Figs, Filet Gallery, London, duo show



Life on Venus, The Tub Hackney, London, selected group show



The Artist Formerly Known As, Asylum & Maverick Projects, London, group show

Now What, Menier Gallery, London, group show

Camberwell Graduate Show, Camberwell College of Arts, London, group show

Camberwell Interim Show, Camberwell College of Arts, London, group show


Late Works 'By Ear'

Fern & Glade Artist Interview




BA Hons Illustration, Camberwell College of Arts, London, UK



Art Foundation, SGS Stroud, UK

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